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Home Alone is the pseudonym of Thomas Mazurkiewicz, the newest addition to the Orchid Tapes family. Living in the quiet Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Tom uses his basement and a modest collection of modern and vintage equipment as his studio to create over-exposed low-fidelity stoner pop songs.

Home Alone’s first release is called Teddybears & Weed, a 7 song EP named after two of Thomas’ favourite comforts in life. Influenced by artists like Bjork, Modest Mouse and Wild Nothing and informed by universally enjoyable life forces like relaxing & getting high, the all-encompassing feeling of love and the company of friends, Teddybears & Weed is a warm and pastel-tinged interpretation of homemade pop that carves out a unique place in the world of lo-fi mid-range headphone jams.

Listen to / download the whole EP here.

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Limited cassett release coming in the near future.

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    I’ve been waiting for this Home Alone record to come out for a while now, and it sounds so good. Glad the anticipation...
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    One of my good (and very talented) friends is releasing his first EP through my weird little label, have a listen =]
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