Orchid Tapes | Est. 2010

OCT016 : WONDER BEAR - Golden Years + G A L A

Wonder Bear
Golden Years + G A L A

1. Solar Pond
2. Golden Years
3. The Vines
4. Lessons
5. Yeller
6. Before
7. We Found The Egg
8. After

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Wonder Bear are Ben Klein (production / instrumentation) and Daisy Korpics (vocals / lyrics), two young musicians from New York state who create a haunting and delicate type of pop music that demonstrates a talent and understanding of music far beyond their years.

Their first two releases, Golden Years and G A L A, represent an impressive jumping off point in the two musicians careers; a careful and tactful ear for electronic production care of Klein and doleful and sincere vocals provided by Korpics. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do. 

Be sure to check out their more recent release Avalanche on Absent Fever.


OCT014 : WEED - Down in The Valley

Down in the Valley
Total time: 19:32

1. Am I Alone Already?
2. Release Party
3. Songs for Girls
4. Back Half
5. Join Forces
6. Best in Pieces
7. Paul’s Machine

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It’s with great pleasure that I announce the release of Down in The Valley, the latest release by my friend and collaborator Will Anderson, otherwise known to the world as Weed. Recorded from July to October of this year during his transition from Brooklyn to Vancouver, Down in The Valley represents a huge positive growth in his sound and contains some of Will’s best songwriting to date with what has become his signature use of distortion coating each track. Right down to the beautiful artwork that was commissioned for this release, everything about this release feels perfect to me.


OCT002 : TEENAGE REVERB - Isolation Tape Night

Teenage Reverb
Isolation Tape Night
Total time: 19:13

1. Wintro
2. Weekends
3. Damp For a Good While
4. Point of Tangency
5. Under The Weather
6. Dust
7. Ghostgaze
8. Beach Fear

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Isolation Tape Night is the first release by Teenager Reverb, or Joe Zucco, a fellow musician I met on the Deerhunter forums who has an ear for crafting a diverse catalog of song ranging from nostalgic summer lamentations to straight up garage rock. I’m really excited about adding his album to the Orchid Tapes catalog, and I hope you guys dig it as much as I do. “Dust” and “Weekends” are personal favourites. Hand made cassette tapes are limited to a supply of 25.