Orchid Tapes | Est. 2010

Hey Warren! Just making sure: you'll have Ontario Gothic records on tour before the album is set to release??

Planning on it! I think we might have to pick them up in SF (where our pressing plant is located) so we may only have them to sell from there onward.

are black tees coming back? i really want one

Yeah eventually, just trying something new right now.


I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m sorry it’s been taking me a bit to get back to all of your messages and emails. We’ve been getting a lot in the time since the showcase / before that regarding shipping, address changes and various other things, and while it may seem like your message may have gone under our radar, we read and try to reply to everything that comes by our inbox, even if it takes some time. We’ve been busier than ever in the past couple of months and we’re still trying to figure out what the best ways are to balance and manage our time and day-to-day tasks.

Thanks so much for being so patient and understanding with everything, everyone. It’s so great to be able to run a label that’s supported by such incredible and kind people.


Are you headlining on the September FIF tour?

Noo I’ll be opening for Owen Pallett.

Has the Rolling Stones issue come out already?

Yes it’s in stores right now as far as I know.

Just went berserk and ordered almost everything from your store ;o Lookin forward to hearing the rest of Ontario gothic. Keep up the great stuff, cheers

Oh wow thank you for the support, it’s very much appreciated :))

i couldn't decide which shirt to buy but i bought a pink one. hopefully it fits, love ya warren! <333

Yay thank you so much for supportin’, the pink ones look super amazing I hope that you love it <333

how many cassettes did you put up

Another 100.