Fog Lake • Victoria Park

OCT053 | Released June 30, 2015
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His music, under the Fog Lake guise, has always felt emotive (it’d be hard not to with a voice so fit for such exploration) but perhaps here, more than ever before, it feels completely reflective. You can hear the misty-eyed contemplation dripping from every corner of these twelve tracks; every creak of porch board, ever cloud of a sigh that is borne from such surroundings and slowly presented in to the cold light of day. Which isn’t to say that this is anything like a dour experience, there’s always been a wonderful balance to Powell’s music, and the same is true here. The music is delivered with a furrowed brow but there’s sight enough to know when to suddenly open it all up. As such, Victoria Park feels cloudy but colourful too; a carnival ride behind frosted glass, like trying to recall a tehnicolour dream in the forgetfulness of morning.

- Tom Johnson, Gold Flake Paint

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